SIT Systematic Inventive Thinking

2-course bundle # 2 (Bayer)

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Mix and match: take a 2-course combination to best suit your needs, while enjoying a substantial discount!

This bundle contains the following courses:

'Process Innovation is in Order'

Process Innovation is in Order will enable you to innovate your most important business processes by methodically re-sequencing them in a variety of ways:

  • Overcome your fixed thinking around systems structures and how they operate
  • Apply the Division thinking tool to refresh and renew your operational processes
  • How to find value in the newly created process and make the most of the benefits

'The Innovation Multiplier'

The Innovation Multiplier will teach you how to manipulate your existing products, finding innovative additions and improvements and fulfilling the wants/needs even your customers themselves might not have realized they had.

  • Recognizing common patterns and characteristics that successful products share
  • How to systematically create serendipitous ‘accidents’ on demand and how to capitalize on them
  • How simply adding similar elements of your service/product to the existing one can create successful innovations

These courses are designed to be an interactive experience in which you'll go through:

  • Bite-sized videos (generally between 1-5 minutes each)
  • Practical assignments and comprehension-boosting exercises
  • Additional resources to inspire you and deepen your knowledge
  • Real-life examples and case studies

Estimated time commitment: 6-8 hours total (3-4 hr each course). 

After purchase you will have access to this course for 8 weeks.