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If you and your organization are expected to innovate, you need the tools and skills to do so. SIT Online Academy gives you just that!

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“The course opened my eyes to the option of being innovative when looking for solutions, which could be in front of us without even realizing it!”

–Sindy Joya, Grupo Bolivar

“The courses are well-structured, user-friendly and a good practical overview of the SIT innovation methodology and thinking tools. The well-constructed exercises helped to try out, practice and even build some skill in applying what is taught.”

–Dup Du Plessis, Pepkor

“I had no exposure to the SIT methodology prior to the course and I found it to be a great, qualitative foundational training, giving the participants a basic, yet towered overview of the terminology. Visuals, videos and case studies made it all very addictive. I think this could be the first step to any face-to-face interaction/workshop.”

–Melissa Saw, Bayer